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Maqam Management Services

Maqam Management Services

Maqam Management Services is a newly formed management consultancy specializing in Crisis Management, alternatively known as Distress Management, in the construction sector.

Mark Bowen was educated in the UK and graduated with an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering. He has been involved in construction for more than 35 years in the UK, South Africa and the Middle East starting from the bottom of the ladder and working his way up to Executive and Director level and has been involved in many types of construction during that period.

Maqam’s aim is to provide personal assistance to clients in times of crisis or distress. Maqam is not a large corporate consultancy, and when you deal with Maqam, you deal with Mark Bowen personally – someone who cares.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Project Management Construction
  • Management Profitability & Cost analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Scenario Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Client Relations
  • Contract Law
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